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"It promised to be a gorgeous day."—THE TERRANOVAS: A War Family


Val Cardinale: A Bio

I'm the son of Italian immigrants. I suppose  being born on February 14 figured into my parents' decision to name me Valentino, which became Valentine over the years. Call me Val. 

Home back then, when I was growing up, was a 20-block area on Manhattan's West Side known as Hell's Kitchen. Today, I live in a little town in northern New Jersey, only a short bus ride from the old neighborhood, which I make a point of visiting whenever I go into the city.

I enjoyed a long, successful career as a journalist after graduating from Iona College and Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. I was the editor in chief of Drug Topics, the oldest and best news magazine for pharmacists, as part of Medical Economics Co. and later Thomson Reuters. Before that, I served as the editor of news weeklies covering the advertising/marketing field, including Adweek, New York, and Advertising News of New York (ANNY).

In those positions, I handled a variety of management functions, ranging from setting editorial strategy and budgets to writing news articles and commentaries, for which we won awards from American Business Press and other industry organizations. After leaving the magazine field, I began writing novels, a dream of mine from way back when.

My first novel was The Terranovas: A War Family. Somewhat autobiographical, it includes some wonderful rememberances of life growing up on the West Side. My second novel, The West Side Kid, taps into some of my favorite things, including mysteries, movies, and, of course, the West Side. My newest baby, One More Dance, combines mystery with another of my curiosities, romance. (Hey, what do you expect from someone named Valentino?) 

Speaking of interests, I also love reading (newspapers, novels, biographies, box tops, you name it); hockey and baseball; traveling; gardening; and history, nature, news/commentary, and art, not necessarily in that order.

That cheer you just heard is for family and friends—in particular, my daughter Kathleen, son-in-law William, and sisters Mary and Josephine—for being there, in good times and not so good. Finally, I never stop marveling at the energy and enthusiasm of  two great grandkids, Brian and Olivia, who are growing faster than zuchini.


In Val's own words
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